Winter Lake Ontario and Lake Erie Steelhead

  • On the Salmon River focus is on Spey Casting and swinging or dead drifting flies
  • Smaller tributaries focus is on swinging streamers/wetflies and dead drifting flies
  • If needed all gear and flies provided
An absolutely gorgeous steelhead taken on a fly in the winter on the famous Salmon River. Photo by Mark E. Murphy
As the winter progresses the fish in the Salmon River take on a darker appearance like this one. A slow deep presentation of the fly may become necessary but fish will still take a slow well presented fly.
Sometimes winter steelhead fly fishing requires a bit of persistence and patience. This gorgeous fish was taken in the afternoon from the same pool that was fished for a couple of hours without a take. Finally in the late afternoon this fish took a swinging fly.
An early winter steelhead that took a swinging woolly bugger.