Finger Lakes Fall Fly Fishing

  • Focus is on swinging and\or dead drifting streamers and wet flies
  • Opportunities for four different species of migratory salmonids
  • Season is mid-October through December

This is a Male Landlocked Salmon. Landlocks are my personal favorite to chase with the fly due to their sometimes unpredictable behavior. They will seem disinterested in the fly at times and other times they will move a long distance to take the the fly. They can be quite aggressive in the fall and will sometimes take a swinging or dangling fly.

In the fall in the Finger Lakes there is a chance to pursue four different anadromous salmonids. Brown Trout, Landlocked Salmon, Rainbow Trout and Lake Trout are found in Finger Lakes tributaries at various times during the fall.

This large rainbow trout was in a Finger Lakes tributary in early November and took a fly aggressively. Rainbow trout spawn in the spring but will sometimes enter the tributaries in the fall to feed and will sometimes stay in the tributary if the water level remains sufficient.
Brown trout will also migrate into the Finger Lakes tributaries in the fall. This pretty brown was taken from deep heavy chop in late November.
Sometimes Lake Trout will enter the tributaries and usually will take a fly pretty aggressively. Sometimes they can be quite large like this one that came into the tributary after a high water event.